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The Reeder Community Center, operated by DPEC is located in the city of Reeder on the great plains of southwest North Dakota.

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Originally the Reeder Public School operated from 1924 to the year 2000. The original building was built in 1924 with the new section of the building added in 1964. A total of 69 high school graduating classes walked across the stage through the years. Due to dwindling numbers of students as the community population started decreasing the decision was made to have the last class graduate in 1993. The elementary classes continued until 2000 when the community could no longer support the school.

Through donations of money, time, and furnishings the small community transformed the former school into what the building is now referred to as the Reeder Community Center. Currently the City of Reeder owns the building and DPEC operates the facility as a non-profit organization regional multi-use business. Government grants, fund raisers, donations and community support are vital for the community center to remain open for the public.

The facility currently hosts various events including, weddings, family reunions, class reunions, banquets, special events, meetings, neighboring school sports activities, and lodging for guests to include community members, hunters, contractors, and travelers.

Amenities include lodging rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and dining area, large gymnasium for sports and walking, library, WiFi access, outside playground, large parking lot, and a shed where hunters can clean their game on site.

Annual events include bingo games, pie auction and silent auction held in January or February each year. In the summer the community center honors the 50- and 75-year high school graduates at the Reeder Day celebration on the last weekend of June in conjunction with the DPEC annual meeting. The traditional Hunters Supper kicks off the hunting season on opening day the first part of October. Intermittent fund raisers are also held though out the year, including Burgers & Brats, hosting an antique car show and serving concessions at the school athletic activities.

The dedicated Board of Directors and volunteers within the community are always trying to improve the facility and maintain the building in hopes of continuing services for years to come. The public is invited to come and tour the facility, rent rooms for events, make donations, and utilize the building as needed to help guarantee a future of the facility for both the local community and regional area.

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